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July 11, 2016

Hire an Aircraft


We charge based on Tacho time for VH-DAE.
Tacho time are generally lesser than total flight time, hence you will get more flying time for your buck!
Depending on how you fly this aircraft, you might get between 10%-30% more flying time per hour paid!

  • Baggage Compartment
    Baggage Compartment
  • View from the second row
    View from the second row
  • Brand New Leather Seats
    Brand New Leather Seats
  • Interior View
    Interior View
  • Side View of VH-DAE
    Side View of VH-DAE
  • Prop View of VH-DAE
    Prop View of VH-DAE

Piper Warrior PA-28-151
Cruising TAS: 105 knots (65% power)
Seats: 4
Navigation Equipment:  ADF / GPS / ADSB In and Out
Fuel Consumption: 36 litres AvGas / hour
Maximum Fuel: 180 litres (90 litres per side)
Hire (Wet): $310.00 (+GST) (Tacho) *as of 01 July 2023



Latest Addition! Great for hour building and CSU training!

Grob G115
Cruising TAS: 120 knots TAS
Seats: 2
Navigation Equipment: ADF / VOR
Fuel Consumption: 38 litres AvGas / hour
Hire (Wet): $285.00 (+GST) (VDO)
(Rottnest landing fees payable for this aircraft)