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August 17, 2016

Aircraft Booking Form: VH-DAE

If you require an instructor to get you up to scratch, contact us and we will pair you up with an instructor who will work with you to scrub off any rust. Flight reviews can be done on this aircraft as well.

Click here to access the Pilot’s guide for the GNX375

Latest maintenance update:

50 hourly completed. New exhaust muffler. New CO2 detector. Nose oleo struct re-gassed. 

Important note (READ BEFORE BOOKING): Temporary fuel surcharge due massive sudden increase in fuel prices

In the past few months, fuel prices have increased by a significant amount. Per TACHO hour, we estimate a usage of about 50 litres per hour (Note that we get about 1.2-1.4 hours of flight time per Tacho hour). That translates to about $22 per TACHO hour of flight time. We want to be very transparent with all our members, therefore this is our calculation:

1.4(flight hours per tacho) x 36(lph) x $0.45(increment) = $22.68

We have been trying to absorb this price increase until now but unfortunately, we can no longer afford to do that. Until fuel prices come back down to about $2-$2.1 per litre, we will add on a temporary fuel surcharge of $20 per TACHO hour effectively for all flights until fuel prices come back down to $2.50 or lesser per litre. 

Our promise of offering affordable flying still stands. We are not adding this fee permanently onto our wet hire fees because we believe that fuel prices will come back down in the future. We intend to remove and revise this surcharge when that happens. We seek your understanding in this matter, and we welcome all feedback via the usual booking email address.