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Jandakot (Perth)

Membership is free...

Aviation is expensive enough. We understand.

No expensive fees

We want our flying club to be your private flying club. As we are still a fledging flying club, we are currently not charging membership fees for our pioneer members. There’s nothing to lose, join our club today and let’s grow it together!

Affordable rates

We scrutinise our maintenance, fuel and other auxillary costs very tightly, so as to be able to lease aircrafts to our members at a significantly lower rate. Our profits will be used to purchase more aircrafts as our membership database grow.

Take a trip to Rottnest!

A great place to get your $100 burger! Free landings in Rottnest

Loyalty Points

Every time you hire our aircraft, you will accumulate points, which can be used to redeem or offset your next hire. Read our loyalty points section for more information.

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