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Jandakot’s Fremantle and Yangebup Departures

Jandakot Airport is one of the busiest airports in Australia in terms of aircraft movements. However, that should not deter you from using Jandakot Airport as a base to sight-see Perth from the sky. Below are some standard procedures (during tower operations) which may help you in your understanding of departure procedures. […]

Jandakot’s Arrival Procedures (Boatyard, Powerhouse and Oakford)

Arriving at Jandakot Airport during Tower operation hours, you will be in the good hands of the fine men and women working the tower and ground frequencies. There are 3 general entries to Jandakot Airport – Oakford, Powerhouse and Boatyard. If you are unfamiliar or still getting used to Jandakot Airport’s layout and operations, please[…]